Introduction of quality inspection center

Introduction of quality inspection center

Since 1998, the company has established and implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 standard. For more than ten years, it has maintained the quality system certification and continuously improved its effectiveness.

The company's quality inspection department has a product inspection center and process product inspection room, which is responsible for the overall quality inspection and control of raw materials, process products and final products.

The quality inspection department is equipped with technicians and operators with rich experience in the inspection and management of forest chemical products. All inspectors have obtained the skill appraisal certificate issued by the legal quality supervision department, and the product inspection is timely, comprehensive and accurate.

The company's testing laboratory has a good testing environment and supporting facilities, which can meet the requirements of all the testing items of the company. The laboratory testing instruments are complete. In addition to the instruments for testing the routine items of forest chemical products, they are also equipped with instruments for detecting the subdivision of forest chemical products and trace metals (such as gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer), All instruments are periodically verified according to the specified requirements to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the instrument and meet the requirements of product inspection.

The quality inspection department has established and improved the product inspection management system and inspection procedures. The product inspection work should be institutionalized and standardized to ensure the stability and improvement of the company's product quality; Implement proofreading and auditing system for product inspection records and reports, ensure the final pass of quality inspection, and keep the records and reports for at least three years to achieve traceability; There is a sample retention system for the products, which stipulates the sample amount, storage time and storage conditions for the re inspection of the products; Strict release system is implemented to ensure the products meet the technical standards and customer requirements.