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Seize the opportunity, innovate constantly, take the market as the guide, take the benefit as the center, focus on the production process and technical advantages of hydrogenated rosin and light rosin resin, continuously develop the downstream products of rosin and hydrogenated rosin, continuously open up the domestic and foreign markets, and expand the sales of various products; Strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign industries to realize the complementary products; By using advanced technology, traditional products should be transformed, technology content should be improved, products and market should be developed simultaneously, and daily forest chemical industry should be built into a large-scale forest chemical enterprise with diversified products and high technology content.。

Contribute green environmental protection resources and serve all sectors of the society.

"Three best" concept: best management, best service and best benefit
Best management: strict management, scientific management and humanistic management
Best service: standard service, high quality service and enthusiastic service
The best benefit: social benefit, enterprise benefit and employee benefit

Honesty, dedication, competition, innovation, pragmatism and preciseness
Honesty: honest trade, honest cooperation
Dedication: to the people, the country and the family
Competition: survival depends on competition and development depends on Competition
Innovation: system innovation, technology innovation, product innovation, management innovation and market innovation
Pragmatism: telling the truth, doing practical things and seeking actual results Rigorous: strict, serious and strict

Excellent modern enterprise
Excellent market competition subject
Excellent green renewable products production enterprises
Excellent global industry company

All staff should:
Four have the model of worker, the expert of own post
The management personnel shall:
Have the ability, willing to work, principle, self-discipline