R & D Center

R & D Center

In 1993, the company began to set up a new product R & D Center (Development Department), which is responsible for the research and development of new technologies, new products, new processes and new equipment, as well as the construction of industrialization projects; Establishing and perfecting the technological innovation mechanism of enterprises; Organize industry university research and foreign technology exchange, and establish long-term and stable cooperation with universities, research institutes and application customers; Collect and analyze the technology and market information related to the enterprise, study the development trend of the industry, and provide consultation, opinions and suggestions for the product and technology development decisions.

The R & D center has a laboratory equipped with advanced experimental devices and testing instruments, which can meet the requirements of small-scale and medium-scale development of various rosin and turpentine products. The company's annual R & D funds in accordance with the specified proportion of sales revenue can effectively guarantee the implementation of R & D projects, and constantly improve the software and hardware conditions of R & D center to enhance R & D strength.

After years of development, the R & D center has a R & D team with strong technical force, a wide range of professional, reasonable talent ladder and structure, to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. At present, the company has become Wuzhou Forest Chemical Engineering Technology Center, Guangxi pine resin deep processing industrialization base, national high-tech enterprises.

The company pays attention to foreign technology exchange and cooperation, and actively establishes long-term and stable cooperative relations with domestic and foreign well-known institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and application customers. The designated teaching practice bases are Nanjing Forestry University, Guangxi University and Guangxi University for nationalities. Over the years, relying on national, provincial (District) and municipal scientific research projects, the company has jointly carried out scientific research and cooperation with Institute of chemical industry of forest products, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, Guangxi University, Guangxi University for nationalities, Guangxi Academy of Forestry Sciences, Nanjing Forestry University and Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, From the construction of raw pine base to the deep processing of rosin and turpentine, a series of scientific research achievements have been achieved, which provides strong technical support for the development of new products and new technologies and technological progress of the company.

With the development of scale, the company has become the leader of rosin industry in China and the supplier of rosin products for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.