In August 2013, our company was awarded the title of "China Quality and integrity enterprise"

Since August 2013, our company has been awarded the title of "China quality integrity enterprise" by China entry exit inspection and Quarantine Association.

Since August 2013, our company has been awarded the title of "China quality integrity enterprise" by China entry exit inspection and Quarantine Association. This is the result of promoting the construction of the company's quality integrity system, improving the product quality level, enhancing the staff's quality integrity awareness and integrity management in strict accordance with the requirements of Guangxi "quality integrity enterprise management measures". Over the years, our company adheres to the principle of quality first and honest management, and vigorously promotes the construction of honest enterprises.

1 Strengthen leadership and jointly manage

Establish a leading group of quality integrity creation activities, with the general manager as the leader, and the members are composed of the deputy general manager in charge, the sales department, the quality inspection department, the production department, the enterprise management department, and the person in charge of each production workshop. Implement the leadership responsibility system at all levels, clarify the responsibilities and authorities, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for the creation of quality integrity activities.

2 Based on honesty and standardized management

1. Improve the quality management system and employee behavior standards, and formulate 97 operation documents successively to guide employees to carry out various quality activities, organize employees to learn documents, laws and regulations, standards, etc., and improve employees' quality integrity awareness, legal awareness and operation skills.

2. Improve the quality complaint handling system, timely handle internal and external complaints, provide the basis for quality integrity activities, so that there are rules to follow and laws to follow, quickly deal with the existing problems, and continuously improve its effectiveness.

3. Standardize the procedure of contract review. Before accepting the order, the sales department shall organize relevant departments to review the contract to ensure that the contract can meet the requirements of the demander. All sales contracts shall be reviewed, and necessary communication shall be conducted with customers to make the review detailed and solid. The contract performance rate reaches 100%. There has never been any dispute caused by unclear contract terms.

3 Take the lead in quality and give full play to advantages

1. Since 1998, the company has established and implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 standard, and has maintained certification and registration for more than ten years. At present, the quality management system of the company adopts ISO9001:2008 standard, establishes documented quality policy and quality objectives, formulates quality manual, 18 procedure documents, 113 operation documents and 351 quality records in line with the actual situation of the company, quotes 38 applicable external documents (including applicable laws, regulations, specifications and standards), and carries out internal audit and management review activities every year, The certification body carries out supervision and inspection every year, corrects problems found through daily supervision and inspection, realizes continuous improvement, and the company's system operates normally and effectively.

2. According to the needs of production and operation, there are more than 70 professional and technical personnel, 20 full-time inspectors and more than 20 quality control personnel. All of them have been trained and qualified and work with certificates. The company has complete inspection and test equipment to meet the requirements of incoming inspection, production process product inspection and final product inspection. The inspection equipment is regularly verified or calibrated, and the process is controlled.

3. The product quality of the company has been stable for a long time. The resin products have the advantages of light color, high softening point and good stability. It has a high reputation in the international adhesive industry and won the title of leader in China's forest chemical industry for many years. In the past two years, the annual batch qualification rate of inspection and quarantine was 100%, and there was no return, claim or other quality accident in terms of quality responsibility.

4 Abide by the law and discipline, be enthusiastic about public welfare

1. According to the labor law, there is an employment management system. All employees sign labor contracts with the company. According to the regulations, the company pays pension, unemployment, medical treatment, work-related injury and maternity insurance for employees, and also pays housing accumulation fund. Employees are paid on time, and their welfare is guaranteed.

2. Do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, "three wastes" emissions meet the standards, no major safety production accidents.

3. Actively participate in public welfare activities, in recent years, has donated money for the Wenchuan earthquake, Shatou geological disasters, to support the construction of disaster areas.

5 Good credit, subject to supervision

1. Pay taxes in full and on time, and never be punished for tax evasion, tax evasion, tax fraud and other bad behaviors.

2. There is a standardized and strict credit management system, which is effectively implemented.

3. Industry and commerce, customs, banking, tax and other departments have given the company a credit rating or above.

4. The company operates in accordance with the law, correctly uses advertisements and trademarks, and has no false publicity. In recent years, it has not been subject to administrative punishment, media criticism, complaints and reports, and has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad.